My husband calls me a sexual control freak and says that I control him using sex

It may be true. Working for the best North London escort agency is not easy at all, and most of the time it is a role of control. The truth is that I often end up feeling that I have to control everything and that follows me home from North London escorts. Am I ending up as a total control freak? I think that there are times when I think that I am!

The thing is that many of my girlfriends at North London escorts seem to have the same dilemma. We have all kind of become control freaks but not as bad as me. I am sure that I have got really hooked on trying to control all aspects of my husband life. It is not only our sex life that I control. I even take control of all our bank accounts and I never ever let him see my earnings from North London escorts in It may not be right, but I do feel that I have got to me in charge of everything. If my husband protest, I just control him using sex.

My husband seems to enjoy having sex with me and I suppose that is why he never says anything. When we met, I was already working for North London escorts and on my way to becoming a control freak. When I noticed that my new boyfriend enjoyed having sex with me, I soon figured out that I could control him using sex. When we decided to get married, it was very much a situation which had been engineered by me. I could not help it, my North London escorts control freak mentally ruled even back then.

Why have I become such a control freak? To be honest, my life before joining North London escorts was not exactly that great. My mom was an alcoholic and to cut down her drinking habit, I felt that I had to control many parts of her life. When my mom drank, I felt totally out of control and I guess that feeling has followed me to North London escorts. My mom is gone now, but I hate the feeling of being out of control and not being able to get what I want out of my life.

Some of my friends at my North London escort agency think that I need help. I do actually and I am afraid to let go. When I was really young my mom used to give me drugs to keep me calm. It was prescription medication such as Valium, but it made me really ill. I never told anyone about it.

Now I know that I should have told somebody about it and I could have had some help. The way my mom treated me has affected my entire life and it is now affecting my marriage to my husband who is a real sweetie. I do wish I could stop, but I think that I might need some help doing so.…